It’s well known in the business world that an inch of PR is worth a foot of advertising, and in order to maximize brand awareness, we, at InHealth Media believe social media is only a part of the foundation of a successful campaign. While it’s true that social media plays a huge role in engaging potential customers and is a great way to get your company’s mission across, it shouldn’t be a critical hinge upon which you base your entire strategy. Instead of posting endless content, try engaging writers, bloggers and journalists. With the right tone and well-researched pitch, you can easily land yourself a stellar placement, organically! Media relations can be quite predictable, and with a few tips and tricks of the trade, you can further your reach with a bigger audience than you would ever have garnered with any string of social media posts.


ProTip #1: It’s a 24-hour news cycle

This means the media is always looking for something current, on trend, or pegged on something newsworthy. Try selling you media contacts on what’s newsworthy about your business. A great place to start is pitching any socially responsible events or endeavors your business is undertaking.


ProTip #2: Keep it short and to the point

Journalists want you to get to the point, quickly. So, keep it brief. Don’t write any more than 200 words to them in any given pitch or else their eyes will glaze over, guaranteed.


ProTip #3: Be friends!

Journalists are people too. Engage with them on social media even when you’re not actively pitching. Give them some social media love with a follow, a like, or repost of their recent story.


ProTip #4: Personalize your pitch

A journalist will usually give an email about two seconds before deciding if it goes in the trash. So, establish a personal connection with the person by speaking to a recent post, or an article of theirs that you really enjoyed.


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