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Mitch Gould of Nutritional Products International: Bright Future Predicted for American Retail Industry in 2023

 As the retail landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Mitch Gould, the visionary CEO of Nutritional Products International (NPI), is offering an optimistic outlook for the American retail industry in 2023. Embracing the changing demands of consumers and harnessing the resilience developed during challenging times, Gould foresees a promising future for retailers and consumers alike. In […]

Mitch Gould of Nutritional Products International: Major Bank Credits ‘Bidenomics’ For Positive U.S. Economic-Growth Outlook

The impact of President Joe Biden’s economic policies, popularly referred to as ‘Bidenomics,’ is making waves in the U.S. economy, and at least one major investment bank has taken note. Morgan Stanley, a leading financial institution, recently attributed the surge in economic growth to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed into law in 2021. […]

Mitch Gould of Nutritional Products International: Dow Closes With Longest Winning Streak in Four Years With Highest Close in 15 Months

U.S. stocks saw a remarkable surge on Wednesday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average achieved its eighth consecutive day of gains amidst a flurry of robust corporate earnings reports. According to preliminary closing data from FactSet, the blue-chip gauge DJIA, +0.47%, closed 108.88 points, or 0.3%, higher at 35,060.81. This significant milestone marked the Dow’s […]

Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International Appears On Cover of World’s Leaders Magazine

Mitch Gould, the highly accomplished Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International (NPI), has graced the cover of World’s Leaders Magazine, the esteemed publication known as the “Best Business Magazine For Leaders.” This recognition showcases Mitch’s remarkable legacy of excellence in retail distribution and manufacturing, spanning over 25 years and multiple consumer product categories. Mitch […]

Mitch Gould of Nutritional Products International: Nutrition, Dietary Supplements Industry Expected Tremendous Growth

Nutritional Products International (NPI), a leading global brand management firm, anticipates significant growth in the nutrition and dietary supplements industry. As the global demand for tailor-made nutritional products continues to rise, NPI remains at the forefront of helping manufacturers launch and expand their products’ distribution in the highly lucrative U.S. retail market. According to a […]

Mitch Gould, Nutritional Products International Founder & CEO, Builds Successful Formula For Launching Sport Nutrition, Health & Wellness Brands on Amazon 

In an era where online shopping has become an integral part of daily life, Nutritional Products International (NPI) has pioneered a proven approach for health, wellness, and sports nutrition companies to launch their products in the United States.  With the rise of e-commerce sales projected to grow by nearly 11 percent between 2023 and 2027 […]

Mitch Gould of Nutritional Products International Forecasts Positive Future For Retail Market and Consumers 

In a rapidly changing retail landscape, Mitch Gould, the CEO of Nutritional Products International, offers an optimistic outlook for the American retail industry in 2023.  Embracing the shifting consumer demands and leveraging the resilience developed during recent challenging times, Gould predicts a bright future for retailers and consumers alike. Despite concerns about turbulent times and […]

Brands Seeking U.S. Retail Distribution & Growth Gain Comprehensive Media Exposure Through InHealth Media’s Expanded Service Suite

International and domestic brands seeking a one-stop-shop for U.S. retail distribution and market share growth now benefitting from IHM’s significantly expanded ‘Evolution of Distribution’ (EoD) platform proffering an even wider range of promotional media opportunities for clients InHealth Media (IHM)—a privately-held company specializing in the retail distribution and marketing of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, functional food and […]

Mitch Gould of Nutritional Products International Appoints Vincent Arnette CFO of Nutritional Products International

Nutritional Products International (NPI), a global brand management firm spearheading the introduction of international health and wellness brands into the U.S. market, today announced the appointment of Vincent “Vince” Arnette as its new Chief Finance Officer (CFO). Vincent Arnette, who carries a wealth of financial and operational experience spanning over three and a half decades, […]