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Mitch Gould and Nutritional Products International Offers Clear Choice to Enter the Largest Market in the World

Nutritional Products International (NPI), under the visionary leadership of CEO Mitch Gould, continues to stand out as the premier partner for health and wellness brands, aiming to make a splash in the vast U.S. market. In a groundbreaking move for health and wellness brands eyeing the lucrative U.S. market, NPI proudly presents its revolutionary “Evolution […]

Mitch Gould and Nutritional Products International: Booming Expansion in the Vitamin, Mineral, and Supplement Market

Today, Nutritional Products International (NPI), a leader in the health and wellness product distribution industry, and its founder, Mitch Gould, highlight the emerging trends in the 2024 Vitamin, Mineral, and Supplement Market Trends Research Report, projecting significant growth through 2032. As the global market for vitamins, minerals, and supplements is poised for substantial growth, Mitch Gould […]

Nutritional Product International Unveils National TV Campaign

Nutritional Product International (NPI), a leader in health and wellness product distribution, is proud to announce the launch of its national TV campaign. This strategic initiative is set to strengthen NPI’s already robust distribution platform, enhancing the visibility and sales velocity of its client’s products across the United States. The new campaign leverages America’s top-rated […]

Nutritional Products International and National Positions Form a Strategic Alliance

Nutritional Products International (NPI) is excited to announce a strategic alliance with National Positions. This partnership aims to leverage National Positions’ 20 years of profit-driven innovation and NPI’s unique “Evolution of Distribution” system to significantly expand the sales and visibility of health and wellness products across the United States.  Mitch Gould, the founder of NPI, […]

Mitch Gould’s Nutritional Products International’s Team Ready for ECRM’s ‘Weight Management, Nutrition and Vitamin Program’ in September

Mitch Gould Has Visited Major Retail Headquarters – Walmart, Target, CVS, Vitamin World, & 7-11 – During His 35-Year Career Mitch Gould’s Nutritional Products International is a mainstay at ECRM events, which will bring buyers and product manufacturers together for private one-on-one meetings in September.   “We have been representing health and wellness brands at […]

Nutritional Products International and InHealth Media Provides Proven Method of Distribution and Promotion

Nutritional Products International (NPI), under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Mitch Gould, celebrates over 35 years of unparalleled success in the realm of retail distribution. Gould, renowned for his expertise in global marketing, has been a formidable force in ushering brands into the competitive U.S. market, making NPI and its sister company, InHealth […]

Mitch Gould of Nutritional Products International: U.S. Economy Embarks on a Dynamic Start to 2024

In a display of economic resilience, the United States economy commenced 2024 on a high note, adding 353,000 jobs in January. This significant increase, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, surpasses expectations and signals a robust period of growth and stability. Meanwhile, Nutritional Products International (NPI), under the visionary leadership of Mitch Gould, […]

Mike Myrthil Promoted to Executive Vice President of Nutritional Products International

Nutritional Products International (NPI), a leader in the health and wellness sector, is pleased to announce the promotion of Mike Myrthil to Executive Vice President. In his new role, Myrthil will continue to leverage his extensive experience in the industry to further NPI’s mission of introducing and expanding health and wellness products in the market. […]

Mitch Gould Celebrates Over Three Decades of Success

Today marks a significant milestone for Mitch Gould, the Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International (NPI), as he celebrates his birthday alongside a remarkable career spanning over three decades in the distribution and retail sector. With a legacy of partnerships with nearly every major retailer in the United States, including giants like Amazon, Target, […]