Launching a new health and wellness product in the highly competitive American market can be a challenging endeavor for international companies. The logistical complexities of entering the U.S. market can often deter even the most innovative product manufacturers.

Recognizing this challenge, industry expert Mitch Gould, in collaboration with Nutritional Products International (NPI) and InHealth Media (IHM), has pioneered an innovative and comprehensive approach to product launches. This revolutionary system brings together all the professional services needed for a successful product launch under one central command structure, simplifying the process for international companies.

Gould, the founder of NPI and IHM, understands the difficulties faced by international companies trying to penetrate the U.S. market. He remarked, “Imagine how difficult that becomes if you are an international company without an office and staff in the U.S. That is why I developed my ‘Evolution of Distribution’ system, which brings together all the professional services needed for a product launch under a central command structure.”

NPI, renowned for assisting health and wellness product launches in America, acts as the U.S. headquarters for international companies. “We handle sales, marketing, operations, and any other service a client might need,” said Gould. “Our sister company, InHealth Media, works closely with my NPI team at every phase of the product launch.”

Gould emphasized that NPI and IHM take on the responsibility of managing the complexities of product launches. “We let the health and wellness product manufacturers do what they do best — create new products. We handle the rest.”

One of the key advantages of NPI’s “Evolution of Distribution” system is the cost-effective method it offers to place products with some of the most sought-after retailers in the country, including Amazon and NPI’s dedicated staff continually engages with buyers from both large and small retail chains throughout the year, while IHM manages all aspects of marketing, including strategic public relations, social media campaigns, and television promotion.
Gould concluded, “We work closely with our clients to introduce their products to American consumers. Product manufacturers have a partner in NPI and IHM.”

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